Komros Anti Malware & Adware App Reviews

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Not at all free...

Tired of the old “free app” game, but then after installing the app you have to pay monthly to actually use it. Garbage. Stop wasting my time and be up front about what you are.

pop up adobe got something else

I was on a website and the screen just suddenly became an adobe flashplayer download. So I downloaded it thinking, well I guess I do need to update my file. Well then I ended up with anti virus ads and other pop-ups of companies I never heard of, so I activated Komros I already had on the computer and it help find them as a threat and I was able to remove them. Thanks Komoros for saving me and the computer. I can’t afford to replace my computer right now. I should be more careful about what I am doing as this computer is my daughter's homeschool computer. Thanks again!

Literally does nothing

doesn’t even show what it has scanned.

needed help

easy to follow instructions after i accidentally downloaded malware - glad to now have this protection

This app deleted some file having to do with my Google and Apple Keychanin

I subscribed to this in order to remove Mac Tonic that keeps popping up. I read it supposed to rid my mac of it, but instead this app wiped out all my Pins, my Menu Bar items and other things on my Safari browser. It’s taken me two hours so far to put things back to normal and I still have a lot more i have to put back tat this app screwed up. To top it off after all that the Mac Tonic thing popped up on my screen while I was trying to put my Safari Browser back to normal. Total failure and instead a pain the the “you know what”. The Mac Tonic is the only reason I got this joke of a app. Not sure about the authenticity of all the five star reviews. My paswrods are totally messed up now and my comptuer won’t remember any new passwords. This app has made using my computer a nightmare.

We know.ac removal didn’t work

I ran this purchased program and we know it is still my search engine!

Kumros Anti Malware & Adware took my Apple ID??!!

I downloaded Kumros Anti Malware and Adware. And then realized it changed the views of my browser. I wanted to remove the Kumros, and realized I even could not use my own Apple ID password. I do not like this product.

Not worth it

Not worth the monthly fee. Get an app that has a one time fee and does the same thing.

Works Like A Champ!

Fell into a Advanced Mac Cleaner trap when I accidently installed an Adobe upgrade prompt…..stupid I know better. Did some searching on the Apple site and way over my head as I am technically challenged. I never actually ran the fix now (thankfully) but wasn’t able to find all the files they (the forum) were saying to delete. I paid the full 9.99 to prevent this from ever happening again. Sure enough 3 of those AMC files were found and several others. Best $10 I’ve spent in a long time. Definately worth it.

Surprised and excited.

After a scare with an mp3 converter, I was pleasantly surprised and feel safer.


Works well. Found additional malware I wasn’t aware of on my Mac. Just one thing — there are malware apps that you will still have to manually delete. Even so, very happy with Komros.

Good Program

Found issue with a couple of apps that appeared by themselves. It was an easy cleaning!


For a non-techie this app was the answer to my prayers. I battled with the IMac for hours to use Google as my search engine….only to discover there was nothing I could do. I needed anti malware app and it worked superbly. Thinking it will also stop a pop up ad that has been bugging me for months. $10 for a year? Quite a bargain!! Thanks!!!!

A really great program!

I had a slew of malware/adware programs on my MacBook Pro and they were causing all sorts of problems with popup ads. I was very leery of programs to remove the problems, so went to the Apple community to see what the best suggestion was. Some person on it suggested that Komros was a great product, as the reviews here suggested. Bit the tiny bullet ($10/YEAR!) and downloaded the software. It immediately found 26 nasties on my computer. I had to manually delete them, but within a couple of minutes, every malware was erased from my computer completely. I ran another swipe of my computer this morning and the one problem that was still a leftover from the first cleaning popped up, but it was removed this time around with one click of the “Delete” button. It is simply a GREAT product and I highly recommend it for a clean and easy way to keep you computer free of malwares! My hat is off to the people who created this great product.

It’s Great.

Sometimes, you just need to watch Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again on a shady website. This program cleaned everything after the movie. Which was also great.


I just used this app for the first time. It app helped me get rid of that aweful MAC Tonic malware. I am pleased so far. Hopefully the malware does not come back.

Great product, got rid of unwanted adware/malware

I kept getting popups for “Advanced Mac Cleaner” and couldn’t figure out why. After putting up with it and closing it out manually for a few weeks another program called, “Mac Tonic” came up on my Mac, which I could only close out by a forced shut down. After trying to remove these manually myself, I found this app recommended on a Mac forum and decided to give it a shot (that it was highly rated AND available through the vetted Mac App store, rather than an unknown website, were definite plusses). Not only were these adware/malware removed, it also found and removed some other unwanted programs. While I long for the days that Macs were largely immune from viruses and malware, Komros is great so far and at a very reasonable price.

Someone should tell Rush Limbaugh

Last week Rush was really upset that he had “trashed a new PowerBook” by accidentally installing MacKeeper through the Flash hoax. It looks like Komros did the trick for me, removing that NASTY malware!

Good concept...

Scans for problems and then asks for money to remove them. Fine. No Problem. Except when I tried to buy, it just spun around saying finishing purchase…Never let me actually buy.

Clean And Simple

Just minutes ago I logged in and found an app. called MacTonic. It would not allow me to close it and as a result couldnt trash it. Finally after repeated attempts the app finally closed. I googled MacTonic and seen its been a problem. One of the sites recommended Komros, and given all the sterling reviews I bought it and I was long overdue for an Anti-Malware app. I found the price reasonable and this company strikes me as reputable given the fact I’ve had my fair share of vendors that take the money and run. This app found two problems, corrected them, so I’m off to a good start…...


I am not a sophisticated computer user. You might say I am a dinosaur, but I found this app to be easy to use and most helpful for me. I was getting unwanted popups about security - really scary things and I was concerned that despite my care something bad had gotten into my computer. This has helped with all that. It is early days yet, but I am hopeful.

free.... oh , no, you have to pay

why do they do this... its freee, nope just kidding.. just dumb

Terrific app.

This is one terrific app! Virtually every other one I’ve tried does not give you the option of cleaning only your system files and not your browser files. I have several useful extensions on my browser and do not want them to be erased. With this app I can leave the browser out and only scan the files in my system. It’s fast and efficient. On my first scan it found 4 problems. They required manual deletion. I got it done, restarted the computer and was on about my business once again. Very simple to use and very efficient.

So Far So Good

It has worked thus far to identify potential bugs. No complaints. I have given it a 4 out of 5 because I have only used it for a short time.

Works perfectly

This app does exatly what the developers claim. Small price to pay for removing the annoying pop-ups. I have confidence in this product and would recommend it to others.


Thank you, very easy to use

Cleaned up nicely

This removed some maleware and is very simple to use. A fan.

Brief review of software.

The software works really well. I am appreciative of having the malware removed. Thank you.

Need Adware Removal?? Yes, worked, thank you!

Fairly new to Mac (full-time end user) and performance and functionality have been reliable until my google chrome and machine was hijacked! I intially started with freeware and soon found out while freeware is nice, it did not get to the root of the problem! This cleaverly written app helped me to identify the corrupt files (adware/spyware/malicious) considering my previous use has been with a windows machines, mac and it’s file system are still foriegn to me making it difficult to find these files on my own. Best app I’ve used since my days of being a windows user. I will add that compared to the two platforms Mac has very few and far between problems like this for me. My sincerest thanks to the developers of this app!!! Many Blessings, Mr. Thompson Update, still works like a charm, found another malware and removed it!


I hardly ever rate these apps but Ive been running Mac for years and tried all sorts of similar programs. Ive had this one for 2-3 years and I have never had a problem and it had killed or fixed anything that has come a lot. Great Job!!!

Pay to use.

Case of false advertisement - I got to this tool by googling how to remove “Yahoo powered search” malware. A (probably fake) blog page gives you a solution that doesn’t work, and offers to download “our free removal tool”. Which takes you to this app in the App Store. It finds the malware, and the only way to remove it is to purchase it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the makers of this app are the ones who created the malware.

Da Bomb Diggity

I had noticed several random pop-ups just invading my internet space in both safari and chrome. I downloaded the toughest of them all - Malwarebytes; however, results were a no-show. Did some research and found that Komros was pretty decent, so I decided to give it a try. I scanned my computer and it stated that it found 7 ad-ware items on my computer. I wasn’t too pleased that I had to pay to remove…a test trial would’ve been cool. But, I know in this economy - some consumers are pragmatic and come and go as they need. Long story longer, the $9.99 per year fee was incredible and super cheap for the work they do. I advise you run the program upon start-up just in case these hackers try and invade your space again. Thanks Komros.

Malware Be-GONE

I went to a site that kept telling me I needed to update my adobe flash player to view the site I was trying to get to so after trying several browers to get to it I clicked the link to update it. Well the update/installer didn’t completly look normal but it updated and when I went back into safari and typed something in Google to be searched it would always take me to yahoo search engine which was not my default search engine. And it had some logo at the top of the page on the right hand side so I researched it to see what it was and come to find out it was malware now on my computer due to that stupid update. Long story short, I came across this program and ran a check and it gave me a result that needed to be removed. Purchased the pro plan, and it removed it and now no more Malware or issues. Never had any viruses or malware on my mac but thankfully I came across this program to remove it easily!

My 2011 Macbook Pro hasn’t run this well in years!

I’ve kept this machine in good shape. Have upgraded hardware along the way, but it had become bloated with all kinds of adware, apparently. As of two weeks ago, it’s all gone, and I’m back to racing along with my daily tasks. Worth the money, in my opinion.

Fast and thorough

No probs, works well. All good several months in. Fast and seems thorough enough.

Great Product

Simple to use and seems effective.


All it took was 5m to clean everything both automatically and manually and to restart the computer. As my job depends on this computer I was really annoyed with all the ads poping up after my every click.

Peace of Mind !!!

I kept receiving malware ads stating my Mac Pro had two trojans and phising scam virus. My issues were resolved and didn’t require additional support after doing the cleanup. Thank you.

Total crap

This software wants you to think that it does something. The only thing that it does is separating you from your money. I paid the annual subscription fee and I was able to install it on my startup disk. However, all my attempts to run the Pro (i.e., upgraded version) on my alternative startup disk which I actually use more often failed repeatedly and reproducibly. Nthig that I ever tried worked, no emails to the “support” center, no deleting and re-installing, no weird Terminal commands. IMO this is a piece of complete garbage. I wasted my money, don’t make the same mistake.

Paid and It Didn’t Work!

I purchased the monthly subscription and removed the virus. It was the “apple virus scan” one. I ran the scan again and the system showed no virus. I emptied the trash, restarted the computer, followed all firections. Unfortunately, i still have the virus. When i run the scan, it shows my computer is clean. I have emailed the company for suggestions and asking for a refund. I’m wondering how they have so many positive reviews if I’m having such a bad experience!

Great Stuff

After fighting Mac Cleaner again & again, it was time to up my defenses. So I purchased the yearly plan after reading all the good reviews. Worked well & got rid of Mac Cleaner. Would like to know how I can change over from manual cleaning each found virus/maliware to auto clean?

Easy, gets the job done, No More Adware

Straightforward app does the job, no more pop up’s or adware…...


I took my Mac to Geek Squad to have it check for possible virus. I opened an email too fast from a friend to them realize it was a scam. I downloaded the file attached and so I wanted to have my computer for any possible threats also hoping for a much needed cleaning. After they tried to sell me on their plan I gathered my things and left. I came accross this app with hope great reviews and so did not think about it twice installing it. Needless to say it cleaned it out really good and picked on things that I could not even find. Cost effective and easy to use!!! So all this to say the best thing that I got from Geek Squad I listened to every detail of what they said. They were gonna download an app to scan my Mac and if they found anything clean it for me. So for someone who is not computer savy like me, I’m happy with the out come! Thank you Kromos and Apple!!!!


Since loading the original version I haven’t experienced any issues with malware or unwanted & annoying ads. Couldn’t be happier.

Great software

Bought this to clean up our iMac, including Safari (which would always resolve to Yahoo instead of Google, thanks to some sort of malware). It worked perfectly. The free updates are great and my machine continues to run well, thanks to Komros. I highly recommend it. Don’t waste your time with any other apps, especially the free ones...

Simple, fast AND FREE

Worked amazing quick and efficient.

Speed is back!

I have been using my MacBook Air since December. Now it is faster than ever since I bought the pro version of Komros. I use it once a day usually after closing the browser and before I shut it off. I thought the price was reasonable and it runs efficiently so I am happy with it. My wife’s 4 year old Air really had a bad malwae infection rendering her Safari browser useless so we went on to the App Store and grabbed her a copy as well. It cleaned up her problem in about 45 seconds and really got her speed back. We think it is a good simple fix for our machines. Glad we got it.


Finally, a program that does what it is supposed to do without trying to charge you. Very thorough, very simple to use simple and fast.

Some Glitches in this App

The app reported that my anti-virus program was a threat + the Coupon file folder was also a threat and they wanted me to pay for removing the items. I uninstalled the 2 items myself and ran my file cleaning program until clean. Re-ran this app and it finally CLEANED OUT the malware/adware virus that had attached itself to the Safari browser. Finally!!! Connected my backup drive, erased it completely and did a brand new backup afterward. Will have to use this a while before considering any purchases. It’s good, not perfect.

Saved my backside, computer-wise!

I got hit with a browser redirector that was nasty and disruptive blocking or redirecting my searches! Thank you Komros for not only emliminating it but giving me a leg up on what to look for in the future. I plan to use this application on a regular basis to make sure no sneaky coupon, or adware, or malware installs on my MAC!

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