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Its really helpful and its works really well

Great Team

Cleaned my mac right up!!! Had a dware that could not shake, but this software took care of it

Fast and thorough

No probs, works well.

Love it!

This app is awesome. My husband and I both cleaned up our computers using it. I had one stubborn piece of malware that wouldn’t go away so I emailed the app support and got an answer right away. I did as they instructed and now it’s gone. Can’t say enough good things about it.

It works!

It does as advertised. It’s worth it. I keep using this tool regularly to take out adware that slows down my Mac. And it works every time. Thanks to the app developers. Keep up the good work. Updated to the latest version. More bugs. Can’t get app to open and download the latest adware updates and keeps showing this , "Fail to get lastest Adware Definitions, please check your network and try again.” Nothing wrong with my wifi network. Failed to clean. Hope this gets fixed soon.

When you need it...

Quick and simple solution! Thanks!

I was having a adware malfunction

Wow it works very great and perfect, i was using my web browser when it unfortunately start popping up ads , i dnt even have the chance to terminate the page , oh mehn i almost had my pc crashed but i was saved by these app ….thats really awesome and encouraging self-service from apple

Alternative to paying

Thanks to Aihua Cui for listing the files before asking for a subscription payment. After running this app—rather than purchasing—I used EasyFind (free in App Store) to remove the suspect files. (Spotlite will not locate all of the files since they are cleverly hidden.) It took about 35 minutes, so do the math if you think you time is worth the $ savings. Don’t forget to empty the trash and restart your mac.

Works well

Mac users don’t usually have to worry about malware and such, but when I noticed how slow my wife’s MacBook Pro was responding, I decided to try this tool. It took a little while, but when it completed the process, 6 invaders had been found. The app removed 5 automatically, a sixth one had to be removed “manually.” The app all1owed me to click though to it in “Finder” and I deleted it. After a restart, the computer booted much faster than it had been booting. I believe that this app was responsible for the change. Works well

Totally Worth It! Safari running perfectly again!

I spent well over a year trying to eliminate unwanted pop-ups and adware that were constantly opening new tabs in my Safari browser. I do not know very much about software, anti-virus, etc… but this application did it all for me, it was super easy to use and fixed my adware problem within minutes. Well worth it! Safari is running as it should!

It’s a scam.

I bought this and installed it on Macbook, and upgraded. However, when I installed it on my iMac, later in the same day, and tried to restore the purchase to upgrade it to the pro version, the restore window hangs forever. If you try to conatct the author, the error meaasge comes up and says network problems.

It Does The Trick Nicely

This Adware App, Does What it’s designed to Do!!!!!….

Money Well Spent

"Well", fortunately I've not had Ad-Ware popup problems ... probably because I run my AdwareRemove Pro regularly. Thanks.

Great Job

Must be doing a great job no issues

works perfect

i tried everything and this works every time.

Worked Great

It works great!!! It got rid of a virus site immediately!

adware and virus scammers

I was hit suddenly with ads and it locked up the computer. This has never happened before. I found this app and downloaded it immediately. Seems to have knocked it out. I hope so. Thank you So much for your app


Free to install, then you have to pay.

Best Adware Removal I Ever Used

This solved a hugh problem I was having on my Mac. I run it about every 2 to 3 months to improve the speed of my MAC and it works every time.

It picked up Malware that AVG missed

The product works great. It’s easy to run. What else can I say? It’s the best program of it’s type that I have ever used on any OS!

Thank you!

too many Safari issues to count re malware, etc…everything worked! thx!


Its a snap on my Mac

immediate change in my browser behavior

I clicked on a few ads while not paying attention. my browser was filled popups. anyway it found the problems right away and i deletd them. thank you for the simple app!

Did the trick!

I inadvertantly got nailed by the MacKeeper malware. It was causing nothing but grief with fake Adobe ads popping up and leading you to fake Apple Help sites. This utility did the trick and found literally a dozen hidden files that were causing the constant problems. I had tried to unistall MacKeeper based on some Apple help posts but even though I unistalled it, the hidden files remained active. No more though! Haven’t gotten single BS popup alter since. Well done!

Safe and Effective App for Mac

I’m VERY wary of any downloand or program. I bought a Mac because I know that they are one of, if not the safest computer as far as security and Malware issues go. I recently noticed that I couldn’t access a retail website that I’ve visited many times before. First the content had a strange appearance and then it gave me a message that stated “access denied”. I knew then that something was wrong as this was a popular retailer whose site would not look like that. I read a few reviews and saw many good ones about Adware. It was one of the first options when I opened the app store on my laptop so I took the chance and purchased it. I ran the program and then went back to the website I couldn’t access and Wa La, I was back in! This is a great product and well worth the small amount I paid. My laptop is back to pristine condition and I feel much safer now that I know if anything comes up again I have the solution to fix it and am actually protected against malware now that I have Adware. Very satisfied customer here! :) -Georgette in San Diego


Easy, Quickly and fast!!! Great apps

Quick fix, quick clean, good price. Nice.

Hyperlinks in various apps were taking me to I bought this app ($5!), followed the prompts to clean. And everything appears to be back to normal. Simple and fast and clear directions.


Spent 5 bucks on this app and it got rid of everything i needed to that i couldnt seem to get rid of myself. great purchase

Does the Job

I searched the internet and all I found was expensive apps and scams to remove adware. I downloaded this and it worked perfectly. If you have that dreaded popup appearing on your Mac, this will take care of it.

The best!

Thank you for helping me about that kind of malicious virus. you are the best!! this application works easy and fast...

Buy it, you won’t be sorry.

I bought this app on sale. It took about three minutes to solve an adware problem that has been dogging me for the past two months. I should have paid full price two months ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation.

It worked perfectly !!! PICK THIS ONE!!!

Okay, So I figured that I should tell you my story. I got some weird sites kept popping up on me. this is how sneaky they are. I go to and i click on the search engine. I type in “Virus Protection” and an new website pops up claiming to be an apple support center. I wasn’t buying it! I went to several search engines and typed in virus protection software and the same fishy website popped up and even automatically started downloading files into my download folder without permission. Even when I went to this happened. I was fed up! I didn’t trust the web browsers. I felt they were all infected. So I went to the app store and found this one and read several reviews. I downloaded it and it instantly found 12 malware links and helped me delete them. I feel I got it through Facebook from a posting. This day and age I feel everyone needs a virus protection service for their computer. There are too many cyber attacks going on out there. I’m not sure if this app is the strongest protection on the market today but it can clearly kill the tiny bugs before they become a bigger issue in your life. I highly recommend this app. Don’t trust a free antivirus protection service and be weary of websites that you think maybe masking as a bigger company. As for only giving it four stars, I never give five because five indicate perfection. Nothing is perfect…. Except for my mom!

Worked for me . . .

Had Chrome hanging issues, and now I don’t . . .

Why are Microsoft .plist files adware?

I recently ran this app and it found the following files in my Library that it called adware: /Library/LaunchDaemons/ /Library/LaunchAgents/ How on earth are these 2 files adware?

Worked! and was easy

Removed redirecting malware.

Best $15 I have ever spent

Became a victim of “hemailloginnow” today! All I can say is Adware Removal is awesome. I need not say anything more because of all the prior comments say it all.

Remove Adware from your Mac

I had been having problems with annoying pop ups and adware. I tried another app but it was not as helpful. This app cleaned up my app it just a few minutes and was very easy to use.

Adware Removal

This app actually infected my Mac laptop with pup.yelab

Worked in a quick minute

I was infected my adware on a mac and the manual approaches didn’t work. Adware Removal worked instantly.

Problems Resolved

All of my adware and hijacking issues were cleaned away with this program. I like the fact that I only have a one time fee.


My computer had like 50 pop up adds per second and I downloaded adware used it and all of my adds and backround thingys were removed imidatly! Thasnk Adware! :D :)

Missing Star

I don’t mind paying the money. I don’t mind it took 3 times before the application worked(hung up 3 times.) What I do mind is that i have to log into purchased applications to open the application. I should be able to download it like other applications. Still, I got 90% of what I wanted, it removed the browser problem.

It Works!

I was having problems with both my Chrome and Safari browsers opening entirely new ad pages, driving me nuts. I bought this, and the truth is I would have paid more for a solution. It fixed my problem in a jiffy, couldn’t be easier. Thank you man.

Problems Solved

I too was a victim of the Advanced Mac Cleaner Scam. How frustrating to have their window open every time I tried to open Safari, with no way to skip their ad or eliminate it from the screen. I have a Fix Me Stick and macTuneuP, neither of which resolved my problem. So I searched the App Store in the hopes of finding a solution. Like most, I looked for a free app, but none seemed likely to resolve my problem, especiall after reading their reviews. Then I ran across this app and after reading the reviews, found that many had experienced the same problem I have. Scan of my computer only took a few minutes and identified several other adware problems that the other programs missed in their scan. Elimination was quick and I’m now running adware free. If you have a similar issue with adware, don’t waste time looking elsewhere. Spend the $15 and eliminate the stress and frustration. The free programs won’t fix your problem and other solutions are much more expensive.

Scam software

This software is a scam that doesn’t actually detect adware. It will pretend to do so, by destroying ALL browser extensions and settings, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Worse, it will detect components of legitimate anti-virus software to prevent its own detection.

Extreme Extermination

I’m extremely careful where I click, and have many rule in my email to keep unwanted mail out of my inbox. Honestly I have no idea how this nasty malware got on my Mac. But, there it was popping up and holding my machine hostage claiming it could fix the very problem it created. I tried a number of manual procedures and got frustrated as the beast kept rearing its ugly head. So, I ended up springing for Adware Removal. It too two iterations, but that was my fault. It gives a list of files and folders to manually delete. I deleted them out of order the first time, and it didn’t take. The second round I followed the procedures precisely and voila! The bug has been exterminated! Very happy with the results.

Didn’t order it

When I click on the ad to delete it, the “x” signed me up automatically. Pretty sleezy.

Best 15 dollars I have ever spent

I have never seen an app like this. With in two minutes my virus was gone it was amazing. Most of the time these sellers wants you to buy the actual app then spend more money once you have already paid a bunch of money on the actual app, but not with this one. Best 15 dollars I have ever spent.

Bomb Af

I was trying to do it manually, and it was hidden everywhere. Thank god i found this app! Without it I probably would have never gotten rid of this pest! <3 <3 <3 Thank you thank you !

Worked perfectly!!

I have occasionally gotten malware and ad ware on my mac over the years. In the past I have been able to use forums on the web to figure out which files to delete to get rid of the offending software. This last time I was not able to find the files. After several weeks of attempts, I bought this app and it worked perfectly. After about a 30 second scan, the program directed me to manually remove 8 files on my hard drive. After removing, and rebooting and running another scan to verify—problem solved. No more adware and pop-ups.

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