Adware Removal: Remove Malware & Protect Browser App Reviews

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Worked! and was easy

Removed redirecting malware.

Best $15 I have ever spent

Became a victim of “hemailloginnow” today! All I can say is Adware Removal is awesome. I need not say anything more because of all the prior comments say it all.

Remove Adware from your Mac

I had been having problems with annoying pop ups and adware. I tried another app but it was not as helpful. This app cleaned up my app it just a few minutes and was very easy to use.

Adware Removal

This app actually infected my Mac laptop with pup.yelab

Worked in a quick minute

I was infected my adware on a mac and the manual approaches didn’t work. Adware Removal worked instantly.

Problems Resolved

All of my adware and hijacking issues were cleaned away with this program. I like the fact that I only have a one time fee.


My computer had like 50 pop up adds per second and I downloaded adware used it and all of my adds and backround thingys were removed imidatly! Thasnk Adware! :D :)

Missing Star

I don’t mind paying the money. I don’t mind it took 3 times before the application worked(hung up 3 times.) What I do mind is that i have to log into purchased applications to open the application. I should be able to download it like other applications. Still, I got 90% of what I wanted, it removed the browser problem.

It Works!

I was having problems with both my Chrome and Safari browsers opening entirely new ad pages, driving me nuts. I bought this, and the truth is I would have paid more for a solution. It fixed my problem in a jiffy, couldn’t be easier. Thank you man.

Problems Solved

I too was a victim of the Advanced Mac Cleaner Scam. How frustrating to have their window open every time I tried to open Safari, with no way to skip their ad or eliminate it from the screen. I have a Fix Me Stick and macTuneuP, neither of which resolved my problem. So I searched the App Store in the hopes of finding a solution. Like most, I looked for a free app, but none seemed likely to resolve my problem, especiall after reading their reviews. Then I ran across this app and after reading the reviews, found that many had experienced the same problem I have. Scan of my computer only took a few minutes and identified several other adware problems that the other programs missed in their scan. Elimination was quick and I’m now running adware free. If you have a similar issue with adware, don’t waste time looking elsewhere. Spend the $15 and eliminate the stress and frustration. The free programs won’t fix your problem and other solutions are much more expensive.

Scam software

This software is a scam that doesn’t actually detect adware. It will pretend to do so, by destroying ALL browser extensions and settings, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Worse, it will detect components of legitimate anti-virus software to prevent its own detection.

Extreme Extermination

I’m extremely careful where I click, and have many rule in my email to keep unwanted mail out of my inbox. Honestly I have no idea how this nasty malware got on my Mac. But, there it was popping up and holding my machine hostage claiming it could fix the very problem it created. I tried a number of manual procedures and got frustrated as the beast kept rearing its ugly head. So, I ended up springing for Adware Removal. It too two iterations, but that was my fault. It gives a list of files and folders to manually delete. I deleted them out of order the first time, and it didn’t take. The second round I followed the procedures precisely and voila! The bug has been exterminated! Very happy with the results.

Didn’t order it

When I click on the ad to delete it, the “x” signed me up automatically. Pretty sleezy.

Best 15 dollars I have ever spent

I have never seen an app like this. With in two minutes my virus was gone it was amazing. Most of the time these sellers wants you to buy the actual app then spend more money once you have already paid a bunch of money on the actual app, but not with this one. Best 15 dollars I have ever spent.

Bomb Af

I was trying to do it manually, and it was hidden everywhere. Thank god i found this app! Without it I probably would have never gotten rid of this pest! <3 <3 <3 Thank you thank you !

Worked perfectly!!

I have occasionally gotten malware and ad ware on my mac over the years. In the past I have been able to use forums on the web to figure out which files to delete to get rid of the offending software. This last time I was not able to find the files. After several weeks of attempts, I bought this app and it worked perfectly. After about a 30 second scan, the program directed me to manually remove 8 files on my hard drive. After removing, and rebooting and running another scan to verify—problem solved. No more adware and pop-ups.

Wow it works!

This little program found two pieces of adware malware tha a $70.00 program could not find. Great little program.


Once you download it you have to press quit on your browser it immediatly start cleaning once you click clean. It’s crazy how it gonna show you things that been downloaded on your computer that you wasn’t aware of. I just brought my Mac in October I was really mad to see popups I’m glad this app was able to help me.

Thanks a bunch!

Not that computer savvy and had bad adware and malware on the iMac. Paid the $15 and within 15min my computer is back to its old self. Browser runs a lot quicker and cleaner. Thank you

Adware Removal Did What They Said They Can Do

Thank you for this program. You saved me a trip to Geek Squad! In a matter of minutes, adware really was removed!! Money well spent for sure! Thank you!

Adware Removal App

This utility did exactly what they said it would. Got rid of Advanced Mac Cleaner. Easy to use and effective. The utility also got rid of some other add-ware applications that I thought I had un-installed myself. I recommend this easy to use tool. I which that these virus/add-ware companies would find something else constructive to do instead of causing computer problems for others.

It “just does it"

Simple, direct, offers and delivers seemlesly on the offer. Excellent for cleaning up (so to speak). My MacBook Pro using Safari is a happy camper… as am I.

Simple and Easy

I am not tech savvy at all, but my computer has been having so many issues and I have been so frustrated with it. I saw yet another ad for removing adware on a site and thought nope I am going to the App store to see if this is a real or genuine app for my Mac….of course it wasn’t and I came across Adware Removal. I read 20 of the reviews and was impressed that it seemed even people who are not tech savvy can run this with success so I purchased it and within 15 min my computer is like a new computer. I can not believe how much adware I had on it!! I did have to reload my email preferences and lost my flagged items which was a bummer but my computer is running so much better now. Thank you for making a product that even someone who isn’t computer savvy can operate and have success with.

This application is also malware

DO NOT DOWNLOAD, this application will not fix your problems. Its a waste of your money!!!!

This app is SPAM! Malwarebytes removed it as malware! I demand a refund!!!

Horrid app.. Feezes and unresponsive after attempting to clean browser. I request a refund immediately!

OMG This Totally Worked!!!

You never really know what you’re clicking on these days. What looks like a harmless Adobe update DMG file can end up raping your browser with ads for everything from marital aids to MacKeeper (I don’t know which is worse). A 15 minute deep clean pulled up more malware than I ever suspected existed on my iMac. It was like a high colonic for my hard drive. Thanks, Adware Removal!

Money pretty much spent wisely!!

I often get alot of crap apps and some real expensive antirus that requires you making a new payment each time you need one… Am glad i found something real as i had mistakenly clicked a malware while trying to watch a free soccer match online but with the help of this software i got it klicked out in no time… Nice one

Only one that worked for me

Seriously I tried out several other cleaners and this was the only one that worked. THANK YOU!!! You can set it to scan real time and it lets you know on the spot when a new threat arrives to prevent problems from reoccurring. It even gives you the path to the files that are a threat.

Well worth the $15.00

I had a malware/virus on my computer that wouldn’t allow me to go into safari without it logging directly into their “apple support site”, which was not an apple supported site at all. Everything I tried would not get it to go away. I download this app and within 5 minutes I was free of 8 viruses/pfisting/malware issues, and am running great. Saved me a trip to the apple store for repair. I am an extremely happy MAC owner at this moment. Love the fact that I can run it in the future too.

Removed the garbage from top, bottom and corners

Requires a quick scan and removes the browser plaque. Well worth it.

Headache Remover!

Three days ago I downloaded the Mac OS High Sierra. The second day I was having some problems with junk showing up in Safari History dated December 2000, and this is a 2011 MacBook Pro. Also could not log into FB properly, the logins were either intermittent, and I had to do get a recovery code to get access. Did a little research on the net, and decided to buy and install Adware Removal. It worked like a champ! I was surprised how many junk files it found, and that I ended up removing. At first I called tech support, they wanted control of the computer, and of course the heck with that!

wow amazing for $15

totally helpful in one click!

Thank you! SO HELPFUL!

I was also skeptical of the $15 charge, but after days of not knowing what to do with adware, and downloaded a few free tools that didn’t help, this resolved my issue in a matter of seconds. Spend the $15, and skip your $3 coffee for a week if you have to… it’s worth it

Worth it!!

Good application, simple to use and most important very effective.

Excellent App! Worth the $.

I had acquired a malware called “cake society” that overtook my internet browser and I was getting a lot of ads that I previously had not. This app found the malware and destroyed it!

Money Well Spent

Fixed all my problems now i can watch Hulu and Netflix without interuptions!


This will solve any problem you have with adwares and viruses. Please look no further. Please. Please. This is the best solution ever. I orginally paid $4 . Is it a one-time fee.

$15 Well Spent!

Like the other reviewers mentioned, this is a great cleaning resource to have and even though you have to pay $15, it’s $15 you pay once and can use this adware removal service repeatedly without having to renew fees like other software programs. I had downloaded some malware by accident and then got worried and desperate as it was getting crazy as I was seeing these weird pop-up ads even when I had the “block pop-ups” option checked in the Safari browser and I had never seen these kinds of ads before. Then, I saw something about downloading and paying for a removal software service that I was dumb and desperate enough to fall for without realizing that that was more malware that I was allowing onto my MacBook Air. Thankfully, I found out about this app through its similar Adblock app, which recommended me to get this app. At first I was hesitant because it wasn’t free, but the ad/pop-up ad situation was getting out of hand, so I read the reviews and everyone had such glowing and positive things to say that I decided to take a chance. I’m glad I did because it was so worth it! The app identifies the malware item by item and all you have to do is remove it. Then, you restart your laptop and you’re all clean and set to go! Definitely recommend!

Stupid Swagbucks Crap

I had been sucked in to checking Swagbucks out. I hated it. So I deactivated my account. Then every time I went to certain websites a pop up would pop up saying that I could get a discount if I logged into my Swagbucks account first. The popup wouldn’t X out either. What a pain. It would float over the top of my browser page and I couldn’t get it to move or go away. I spent the better part of the morning researching how to get rid of this crap. I finally found this malware remover and researched it to make sure it wasn’t bogus too. Then I paid the $15…ran it…poof…Swagbucks crap is all gone! Yay! and Thank You!


I contacted two different people from the actual Apple Store and they could not fix my problem. I brought my computer into Geek Squad and they told me they could fix it for $200, I didn’t want to pay that so I did some searching. I honestly don’t know anything about technology and this App fixed my problems with 2 minutes, it’s great! I had weird malware on my computer that gave me a fake Adobe pop-up every time I went on my browsers. If I tried to go to a fake Apple website popped up, my safari browser worked in private mode but it was very slow. My computer is back to normal now and up to speed I would’ve paid more the $15 for it!

My Quick Converter “malware"

Cleaned it off of my Chrome browser. Thank you Apple for having APPS that are safe and rated and reputable. I apparently got it off a downloaded “plugin" page. That is scary! Never go to the internet and try to fix adware programs on a MAC. I trust APPS and I love my MAC.

Quite good!

Was having trouble with adware on my Mac so I searched the Apple store for something to help. This product works as advertized and was quick and painless.


Accidentally clicked on a few links via the internet and downloaded this app, and wow it eliminated the virus within a minute. Thank you

Know nothing but this worked

I kept getting malware and it took over my Mac. I was so stressed I couldn’t take an exam. Was told it was a $350 fix and couldn’t be done for several days. And I would have to leave my Mac with them. This worked and got me up and running in ten minutes! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Very Easy and Effective

My macbook pro was running really slow, especially in Safari. I decided to buy this app and ran the cleaner, which only took less than a minute and I have to say I am impressed. Both Safari and Chrome are running much faster. Well worth the $15. Thank you!

It works!

It took less than ten minutes to fix a problem I’ve been having for weeks with my computer trying to direct me to a site called the MacDoctor. It was simple, easy to use and seriously helped after my local Apple store told me that the only fix was to update my OS. Highly recomended! It is more than worth the cost of the app.

in short...

i always think reviews are fake because they sound like college papers so here’s one for bro’s like me: SHAZAAM!!! works like magic! dont be cheap! get it over with! shizzdope

Hey it realy works.

This app do exactly what it is meant to do. It took Me a few minutes and I was done. When you have a computer where you conduct business, paying $15 to fix the problem is not a bad bargain. I am not going to explain in grate detail what the app does beacuse what this app does is already written on a picture on top of all these comments and reviews. All you want to know is if this app works and yes it does. 5 star!!

email scam

Recently all email addresses were copied off our Registry website and all members were sent emails for the purpose of hacking the address book. I bought this APP to use, it detected several adware problems I had, I was able to quickly delete all the files!

quick, easy, effective

Works as advertised. Just get it and move on with your life!

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