Komros Anti Malware & Adware Examine App


supposedly found a cupla issues and what do ya know they want money for removing any kind of issues ...thnx

It Works!

Bottom line. It works. Found malware and now it all gone. Worth getting.


It does work. Well maybe sort of.But a challenge. The free program is only free to find a problem. But then you must click to install the pro version to clean it up. But the malware on my computer prevented installation of the pro version. So, I did a search of my computer and manually uninstalled the malware. Then the pro version installed. But this is the catch. It is a subscription that will continue charging $1.99 forever. And I can not figure out how to cancel the subscription. When I click the help for this program, it goes to an irrelvant web page. My emails to them asking for help have never been answered. I did evetualy get an email from iTunes which had a link to stop the monthly payment. And despite runniing this program which is still good to the end of the month, there are still issues with my computer.

Finalmente Funciona!

tengo Una MAC hace 4 años, para el uso que le doy esta perfecta!… un timepo a tras empezo a aparecer en la pantalla propagandas y mil cosas raras… no sabia como eliminarlas ya que muy tec no soy… pero finalmente me anime a buscar un limpiador, encontre las mil reseñas positivas de Komros y dije lo voy a probar… y ahora funciona perfecta :)

Works As Promised!

I got a few weird things going on with my Mac after downloading a program that “required” an Adobe Flash update. Even though my flash was up to date, I still clicked ok like an idiot. Next thing I know my Macbook Pro is acting up, homepages have changed, and I kept seeing a weird re-direction happen everytime I went to a web page. A quick search brought me to this app…I figured $3 bucks was worth trying it. WOW!! It found like 15 problems with my comp!! I though Mac’s were virus free, but I guess not! Seems like everything is back to normal….for now

Rocks Out!

This application rocks out, with one exception. The only thing I don’t like is when you click the clean button, if your selected browser is on, it won’t allow you to clean until you turn your selected browser off. But, other than that it’s great...

I Made a Stupid Mistake and for 2 Bucks it All Went Away!

Alright so I just bought this Mac no less then a week and I accedently downloaded an app that wasn’t really the app and instead loaded it with a bunch of adware. I noticed it when Google Chrome started to act a bit strange and so I looked it up and sure enough I had 7 cases of Adware! (I know, stupid of me) As a Windows User for my entire life and not really knowing the OS X software, I thought this was the end and I would have to send my Brand New Mac to Apple to fix it, but, after a quick Google search and 2 Dollars later, this app just deleted all the adware, told me to restart my computer and now it’s perfectly fine. I will most definitely tell my other Mac friends about this amazing and well worth app!

Stupid Malware

I downloaded an MP3 converter and ended up having a ton of random files and an extension downloaded to my safari that would not delete, “Chill-Tab.” I downloaded MacKeeper and went through the process with that to delete all the random files through firefox which I don’t even use anymore. After changing all the settings in my Safari to make sure I blocked pop-ups, cookies, yada yada yada, it was almost impossible to use my internet. I couldn’t log into any accounts of mine even though I was entering the right password. Once I got fed up with that I tried other security and privacy extensions that ended up not even working. Moral of the story is, I thought I was completely doomed and was awaiting the crash of my one year old Mac. I started to get pop-up tabs that came up after every single episode on netflix ended, whenever I opened another tab. I figured out how to remove some manually but the problem didn’t go away. I found this app through google and paid the 1.99 a month, (so cheap) and it removed 15/16 malwares on my computer, and showed me how to remove the last one step by step. This app is AWESOME. Saved my mac and my life. Hopefully it isn’t just a temporary fix and I don’t have to go through this every couple days or weeks or months. Regardless, I’m just happy that my mac is my mac again :) Thank you Apple!!!

The best! of

Thank you for helping me about that kind of malicious virus. you are the best!! this application works easy and fast...

Bought it to unistall tapufinder and i pay for the pro and didnt do anything.

it didnt fix my problem

Some Coupon App messed me up

I was getting a bunch of junk, the browser (Chrome) was constantly opening a weird search screen as my home screen and tell me to buy things or sometimes, I needed to purchase an app to clean it up. Crazy. I got online, discovered this app and am happy now.

Excellent, no nonsense

If you are looking for adware or malware removal in an application that does NOT hog system resources, this is IT! Thank you developer for knowing what you are doing!!


We were having much trouble with unexpected pop-ups. It help review what we needed to clean & cleaned it. We have not seen any unwanted pop-up again.

Easy to use and effective

So I am pretty sure that someone was trying to access my computer when I tried to update flash-layer (I was dumb) and so I shut down my laptop immediately. Upon re-opening my laptop, I saw that it was back to normal but I noticed I still had a lot of software/files that I didn’t recognize. I immediately looked for different cleaners and found this one to be well reviewed. I downloaded it and immediately scanned my computer. It found all of the unfamiliar files/applications (even ones that I hadn’t realized were on there). Some were in my applications folder, some were deep, deep in my mac’s file directory and it pinpointed all of them. While the scan is free, the malware removal feature requires an upgrade. However, the upgrade I chose ($1.99 a month) didn’t seem too unreasonable and it was able to remove most malware on it’s own. Any that it could not remove on it’s own it had an option to manually delete, which took you directly to the file/folder and you could just toss it in the trash. Clear trash, and you’re good. The instructions are clear and the app is easy to use (and to my knowledge very effective). I only gave it 4 stars because of the upgrade requirement. Without the upgrade you get the scan and it also combs your browsers but the removal of malware (what I consider the most important part) is only available if you pay more.

Don’t bother

I paid 1.99 for the monthly, ran the program and now my computer is worse than ever. where do I can my monthly fee?

It’s a great app!

It definitely works —sad that we have to use them now for Mac computers as it was never an issue until the past few years. Great app!

Free cleaner

Works okay but need to buy the paid version to clean.

Anti Malware and adware that works.

I am usually pretty cautious about browsing, however, my computer became infected with malware, a really nasty bug. I read a few articles concerning malware and checked reviews for a number of different products, and I found that Komros Anti Malware and Adware is highly rated.. I bought and installed this product on my computer, and I am more than satisfied. This product performs as advertised, it works. If you are looking for anti malware that will keep your computer’s system clean and operating look no further. I do not hesitate to recommend Komros Anti Malware and Adware.


Got rid of tough malware, “Advanced Mac Cleaner”. Watch out for this one! So far so good.

tuck off

its now $10 a year, with an automatic renewal which is different from what was written in previous reviews. Still its easy and seemed to work right away, isolating and removing the malware that I have been trying to remove on my own through research, tech support and lots of searching. So far so good. Don’t be fooled by the initial free download because it wont do anything until you pay.

A Small Price to Pay for Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse that the realization that your computer is infected with malware and pirating software. All of a sudden nothing else matters in life but the safety and integrity of your system and what is stored there. Also I had concerns of potential viral threats to my address book etc, rippling out into the internetsphere ad infinitum. Anything I purchase here from Apple via Mac I trust implicitly and it’s the first place I came when i needed the best possible tools. I was shopping fast and the reviews for this App sold it. Aside from the small annual price of 9.99 which kicks in once the App determines that yes, your Mac is infected and it gives you the choice to make the commitment to pay monthly or annually in exchange for taking care of the issue at hand. I did not hesitate, my computer is back to normal now and I am very happy to include my humble review.

easy, fast

About all you have to do is close your browser. You won’t have time to finish your game of solitaire.


Its really helpful and its works really well

Great Team

Cleaned my mac right up!!! Had a dware that could not shake, but this software took care of it

Fast and thorough

No probs, works well.

Love it!

This app is awesome. My husband and I both cleaned up our computers using it. I had one stubborn piece of malware that wouldn’t go away so I emailed the app support and got an answer right away. I did as they instructed and now it’s gone. Can’t say enough good things about it.

It works!

It does as advertised. It’s worth it. I keep using this tool regularly to take out adware that slows down my Mac. And it works every time. Thanks to the app developers. Keep up the good work. Updated to the latest version. More bugs. Can’t get app to open and download the latest adware updates and keeps showing this , "Fail to get lastest Adware Definitions, please check your network and try again.” Nothing wrong with my wifi network. Failed to clean. Hope this gets fixed soon.

When you need it...

Quick and simple solution! Thanks!

I was having a adware malfunction

Wow it works very great and perfect, i was using my web browser when it unfortunately start popping up ads , i dnt even have the chance to terminate the page , oh mehn i almost had my pc crashed but i was saved by these app ….thats really awesome and encouraging self-service from apple

Alternative to paying

Thanks to Aihua Cui for listing the files before asking for a subscription payment. After running this app—rather than purchasing—I used EasyFind (free in App Store) to remove the suspect files. (Spotlite will not locate all of the files since they are cleverly hidden.) It took about 35 minutes, so do the math if you think you time is worth the $ savings. Don’t forget to empty the trash and restart your mac.

Works well

Mac users don’t usually have to worry about malware and such, but when I noticed how slow my wife’s MacBook Pro was responding, I decided to try this tool. It took a little while, but when it completed the process, 6 invaders had been found. The app removed 5 automatically, a sixth one had to be removed “manually.” The app all1owed me to click though to it in “Finder” and I deleted it. After a restart, the computer booted much faster than it had been booting. I believe that this app was responsible for the change. Works well

Totally Worth It! Safari running perfectly again!

I spent well over a year trying to eliminate unwanted pop-ups and adware that were constantly opening new tabs in my Safari browser. I do not know very much about software, anti-virus, etc… but this application did it all for me, it was super easy to use and fixed my adware problem within minutes. Well worth it! Safari is running as it should!

It’s a scam.

I bought this and installed it on Macbook, and upgraded. However, when I installed it on my iMac, later in the same day, and tried to restore the purchase to upgrade it to the pro version, the restore window hangs forever. If you try to conatct the author, the error meaasge comes up and says network problems.

It Does The Trick Nicely

This Adware App, Does What it’s designed to Do!!!!!….

Money Well Spent

"Well", fortunately I've not had Ad-Ware popup problems ... probably because I run my AdwareRemove Pro regularly. Thanks.

Great Job

Must be doing a great job no issues

works perfect

i tried everything and this works every time.

Worked Great

It works great!!! It got rid of a virus site immediately!

adware and virus scammers

I was hit suddenly with ads and it locked up the computer. This has never happened before. I found this app and downloaded it immediately. Seems to have knocked it out. I hope so. Thank you So much for your app


Free to install, then you have to pay.

Best Adware Removal I Ever Used

This solved a hugh problem I was having on my Mac. I run it about every 2 to 3 months to improve the speed of my MAC and it works every time.

It picked up Malware that AVG missed

The product works great. It’s easy to run. What else can I say? It’s the best program of it’s type that I have ever used on any OS!

Thank you!

too many Safari issues to count re malware, etc…everything worked! thx!


Its a snap on my Mac

immediate change in my browser behavior

I clicked on a few ads while not paying attention. my browser was filled popups. anyway it found the problems right away and i deletd them. thank you for the simple app!

Did the trick!

I inadvertantly got nailed by the MacKeeper malware. It was causing nothing but grief with fake Adobe ads popping up and leading you to fake Apple Help sites. This utility did the trick and found literally a dozen hidden files that were causing the constant problems. I had tried to unistall MacKeeper based on some Apple help posts but even though I unistalled it, the hidden files remained active. No more though! Haven’t gotten single BS popup alter since. Well done!

Safe and Effective App for Mac

I’m VERY wary of any downloand or program. I bought a Mac because I know that they are one of, if not the safest computer as far as security and Malware issues go. I recently noticed that I couldn’t access a retail website that I’ve visited many times before. First the content had a strange appearance and then it gave me a message that stated “access denied”. I knew then that something was wrong as this was a popular retailer whose site would not look like that. I read a few reviews and saw many good ones about Adware. It was one of the first options when I opened the app store on my laptop so I took the chance and purchased it. I ran the program and then went back to the website I couldn’t access and Wa La, I was back in! This is a great product and well worth the small amount I paid. My laptop is back to pristine condition and I feel much safer now that I know if anything comes up again I have the solution to fix it and am actually protected against malware now that I have Adware. Very satisfied customer here! :) -Georgette in San Diego


Easy, Quickly and fast!!! Great apps

Quick fix, quick clean, good price. Nice.

Hyperlinks in various apps were taking me to hmyquickconverter.com. I bought this app ($5!), followed the prompts to clean. And everything appears to be back to normal. Simple and fast and clear directions.


Spent 5 bucks on this app and it got rid of everything i needed to that i couldnt seem to get rid of myself. great purchase

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