Komros Anti Malware & Adware Examine App

free.... oh , no, you have to pay

why do they do this... its freee, nope just kidding.. just dumb

Terrific app.

This is one terrific app! Virtually every other one I’ve tried does not give you the option of cleaning only your system files and not your browser files. I have several useful extensions on my browser and do not want them to be erased. With this app I can leave the browser out and only scan the files in my system. It’s fast and efficient. On my first scan it found 4 problems. They required manual deletion. I got it done, restarted the computer and was on about my business once again. Very simple to use and very efficient.

So Far So Good

It has worked thus far to identify potential bugs. No complaints. I have given it a 4 out of 5 because I have only used it for a short time.

Works perfectly

This app does exatly what the developers claim. Small price to pay for removing the annoying pop-ups. I have confidence in this product and would recommend it to others.


Thank you, very easy to use

Cleaned up nicely

This removed some maleware and is very simple to use. A fan.

Brief review of software.

The software works really well. I am appreciative of having the malware removed. Thank you.

Need Adware Removal?? Yes, worked, thank you!

Fairly new to Mac (full-time end user) and performance and functionality have been reliable until my google chrome and machine was hijacked! I intially started with freeware and soon found out while freeware is nice, it did not get to the root of the problem! This cleaverly written app helped me to identify the corrupt files (adware/spyware/malicious) considering my previous use has been with a windows machines, mac and it’s file system are still foriegn to me making it difficult to find these files on my own. Best app I’ve used since my days of being a windows user. I will add that compared to the two platforms Mac has very few and far between problems like this for me. My sincerest thanks to the developers of this app!!! Many Blessings, Mr. Thompson Update, still works like a charm, found another malware and removed it!


I hardly ever rate these apps but Ive been running Mac for years and tried all sorts of similar programs. Ive had this one for 2-3 years and I have never had a problem and it had killed or fixed anything that has come a lot. Great Job!!!

Pay to use.

Case of false advertisement - I got to this tool by googling how to remove “Yahoo powered search” malware. A (probably fake) blog page gives you a solution that doesn’t work, and offers to download “our free removal tool”. Which takes you to this app in the App Store. It finds the malware, and the only way to remove it is to purchase it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the makers of this app are the ones who created the malware.

Da Bomb Diggity

I had noticed several random pop-ups just invading my internet space in both safari and chrome. I downloaded the toughest of them all - Malwarebytes; however, results were a no-show. Did some research and found that Komros was pretty decent, so I decided to give it a try. I scanned my computer and it stated that it found 7 ad-ware items on my computer. I wasn’t too pleased that I had to pay to remove…a test trial would’ve been cool. But, I know in this economy - some consumers are pragmatic and come and go as they need. Long story longer, the $9.99 per year fee was incredible and super cheap for the work they do. I advise you run the program upon start-up just in case these hackers try and invade your space again. Thanks Komros.

Malware Be-GONE

I went to a site that kept telling me I needed to update my adobe flash player to view the site I was trying to get to so after trying several browers to get to it I clicked the link to update it. Well the update/installer didn’t completly look normal but it updated and when I went back into safari and typed something in Google to be searched it would always take me to yahoo search engine which was not my default search engine. And it had some logo at the top of the page on the right hand side so I researched it to see what it was and come to find out it was malware now on my computer due to that stupid update. Long story short, I came across this program and ran a check and it gave me a result that needed to be removed. Purchased the pro plan, and it removed it and now no more Malware or issues. Never had any viruses or malware on my mac but thankfully I came across this program to remove it easily!

My 2011 Macbook Pro hasn’t run this well in years!

I’ve kept this machine in good shape. Have upgraded hardware along the way, but it had become bloated with all kinds of adware, apparently. As of two weeks ago, it’s all gone, and I’m back to racing along with my daily tasks. Worth the money, in my opinion.

Fast and thorough

No probs, works well. All good several months in. Fast and seems thorough enough.

Great Product

Simple to use and seems effective.


All it took was 5m to clean everything both automatically and manually and to restart the computer. As my job depends on this computer I was really annoyed with all the ads poping up after my every click.

Peace of Mind !!!

I kept receiving malware ads stating my Mac Pro had two trojans and phising scam virus. My issues were resolved and didn’t require additional support after doing the cleanup. Thank you.

Total crap

This software wants you to think that it does something. The only thing that it does is separating you from your money. I paid the annual subscription fee and I was able to install it on my startup disk. However, all my attempts to run the Pro (i.e., upgraded version) on my alternative startup disk which I actually use more often failed repeatedly and reproducibly. Nthig that I ever tried worked, no emails to the “support” center, no deleting and re-installing, no weird Terminal commands. IMO this is a piece of complete garbage. I wasted my money, don’t make the same mistake.

Paid and It Didn’t Work!

I purchased the monthly subscription and removed the virus. It was the “apple virus scan” one. I ran the scan again and the system showed no virus. I emptied the trash, restarted the computer, followed all firections. Unfortunately, i still have the virus. When i run the scan, it shows my computer is clean. I have emailed the company for suggestions and asking for a refund. I’m wondering how they have so many positive reviews if I’m having such a bad experience!

Great Stuff

After fighting Mac Cleaner again & again, it was time to up my defenses. So I purchased the yearly plan after reading all the good reviews. Worked well & got rid of Mac Cleaner. Would like to know how I can change over from manual cleaning each found virus/maliware to auto clean?

Easy, gets the job done, No More Adware

Straightforward app does the job, no more pop up’s or adware…...


I took my Mac to Geek Squad to have it check for possible virus. I opened an email too fast from a friend to them realize it was a scam. I downloaded the file attached and so I wanted to have my computer for any possible threats also hoping for a much needed cleaning. After they tried to sell me on their plan I gathered my things and left. I came accross this app with hope great reviews and so did not think about it twice installing it. Needless to say it cleaned it out really good and picked on things that I could not even find. Cost effective and easy to use!!! So all this to say the best thing that I got from Geek Squad I listened to every detail of what they said. They were gonna download an app to scan my Mac and if they found anything clean it for me. So for someone who is not computer savy like me, I’m happy with the out come! Thank you Kromos and Apple!!!!


Since loading the original version I haven’t experienced any issues with malware or unwanted & annoying ads. Couldn’t be happier.

Great software

Bought this to clean up our iMac, including Safari (which would always resolve to Yahoo instead of Google, thanks to some sort of malware). It worked perfectly. The free updates are great and my machine continues to run well, thanks to Komros. I highly recommend it. Don’t waste your time with any other apps, especially the free ones...

Simple, fast AND FREE

Worked amazing quick and efficient.

Speed is back!

I have been using my MacBook Air since December. Now it is faster than ever since I bought the pro version of Komros. I use it once a day usually after closing the browser and before I shut it off. I thought the price was reasonable and it runs efficiently so I am happy with it. My wife’s 4 year old Air really had a bad malwae infection rendering her Safari browser useless so we went on to the App Store and grabbed her a copy as well. It cleaned up her problem in about 45 seconds and really got her speed back. We think it is a good simple fix for our machines. Glad we got it.


Finally, a program that does what it is supposed to do without trying to charge you. Very thorough, very simple to use simple and fast.

Some Glitches in this App

The app reported that my anti-virus program was a threat + the Coupon file folder was also a threat and they wanted me to pay for removing the items. I uninstalled the 2 items myself and ran my file cleaning program until clean. Re-ran this app and it finally CLEANED OUT the malware/adware virus that had attached itself to the Safari browser. Finally!!! Connected my backup drive, erased it completely and did a brand new backup afterward. Will have to use this a while before considering any purchases. It’s good, not perfect.

Saved my backside, computer-wise!

I got hit with a browser redirector that was nasty and disruptive blocking or redirecting my searches! Thank you Komros for not only emliminating it but giving me a leg up on what to look for in the future. I plan to use this application on a regular basis to make sure no sneaky coupon, or adware, or malware installs on my MAC!

Wow, this is really good.

It help me remove the annoying searchpulse.net malware.

Todo ha salido Bien

Todo Bien

love this app

this is the best cleaning system i have ever used. its easy to use and it works!!!!!

Fixed my Problem

So I got a couple nasty things on my mac (possibly from Flash player). Well, it took over. I did a quick review of and found this app. People in general seemed to be happy so I went ahead and got it. I just had to run it twice but it appears my computer is back to normal. I did pay the 9.99 for year subscription. So, I’m hoping at this point it stays good!

Doesn’t seem to work

Every time I try this product, it starts processing files then stops and moves no further. I finally have to force it to quit. When I try again, same result. Paying extra for the $10 version seems like a big risk to me because if the free version doesn’t work, why should I think that another version will?


verey good

Quick and Easy

Komros just fixed a rather nasty piece of ransomware for me. Quck and easy.

holy crap

this stuff is GOOD.

Great Malware remover

I had tried a bunch of different apps to remove all the malware and random showing up of websites and was unsuccessful. After doing some research I came across Komros, and it was easy simple and very effective. 100% recommend.

A good tool.

Easy and quick to install. Functions reliably and swiftly.

No more fingers wiggling in my face

I can read the news again without having a seizure from terrible ads.


Tried Norton and then Malwarebytes. They both slowed my computer to a crawl. Komros is easy to use and effective. My Mac runs like new!


I have a Mac book Pro. It is very fast. I don't know if my computer has malware so to be safe I use this cleaner. I am a novice.

good product

Easy to use, works well

I cannot tell what it is doing and subscriptions are evil

This app runs. But,that’s about all I can see. There is no feedback as to what, if anything, it is actually doing. Maybe it’s great. But, I don’t want something just working in secret on a $6000 system. Tell me what’s going on and, ask specific permission before anything is done. App UNINSTALLED! Due to the huge number of positive reviews, I initially went to purchase the app - before becoming irritated with the above. Then, I see a SUBSCRIPTION service! This model for shafting users out of more money is abusive and at its core simply wrong. Charge $20-30 and be done with it. Actually, if you had done that, this rantview would probably not even be here. So… NO! I will not have some tiny piece of software digging into my account every month for the same software. Adobe doesn’t even get my money anymore because of this. So, neither will you. Offer a straight-up (honest) purchase license for the current version and updates for a year… or get stuffed. I am SICK of this system of add-on purchases and perpetual subscriptions for every SINGLE needful app. If it is useful, you will do well. Stop digging and digging into peoples’ wallets with subscriptions for every little thing. EDIT: Where are you people seeing this $15 purchase. All I see is monthly or annual subscriptions [EVIL]

Virus and malware removal

Love it!!!!

any search manager

I updated my flash player and got my homepage hijacked by anysearchmanager. Dumb me, I forgot to uncheck a box that downloaded some other software along with the flash player. I looked up on the internet how to get rid of anysearchmanager. It was way beyond me. So I downloaded this software. It got rid of the problem although I now have no homepage. I have tried setting a new one in safari but can’t seem to do it. Be aware, the free version will find problems but you have to upgrade and pay to remove the problems. Anyway, I subscribed for 10 bucks and got rid of anysearchmanager. When you think of it, ten bucks isn’t that much. I spent nearly 7 dollars in Starbcks this morning.

Quick & Easy

Works great! and very easy to use. Plus, It’s affordable!

Rating-seems to be 5 stars

I have used this app for th first time and find is easy, very efficient. As a Senior I loved the way I was informed about what to do and what was going on with Komros and my computer. probable will purchase the pro version as soon as I can. Keep up your good work.

Five Star Rating!

This APP is so effective and so simple to use. Directions are very easy to follow. It’s just what I needed!


After several attempts with other applications I prefer Komros because of the ease with which it is handled, the analysis does it in a short time and has a very accessible price for the user. Five stars for them, thanks "Komros!

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